KAIZEN Logistics Services, LLC (KAIZEN LS), focuses on military system lifecycle support. With a full understanding of cradle-to-grave product support, we are able to support any product regardless of the service or customer. Whether you’re in need of sustainment, ILS, forecasting or product support, we have what you need with a heavy emphasis on “Quality” above all else.

Using unique software processes and tools, KAIZEN LS is on a mission to increase the quality of sustainment data needed for the government to support their warfighter systems. While developing the software and analyzing the needs of the industry, KAIZEN LS has come up with cutting edge software tools to increase the quality of data that is provided to the government, but the speed at which this is done is extraordinary. The development of these tools has paved the way to build efficiencies and accountability in all aspects of lifecycle support including spare parts demand and monitoring and/or auditing of parts information.

KAIZEN LS mission is not unique but what we do is, “Raising Value While Improving The Logistic Process.” We look forward to showing you and your organization how together we can lower your bottom line and better support out troops.